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2022 Registration is open! This page will allow you to submit your Entry Form on-line. Please completely fill out the boxes and submit on or before October 1.

Entry Fee:
$300 if received by July 1      
$325 if received  July 2-September 1
$350 if received September 2 - October 1

Please make checks payable to "SFOB" and mail payment to: SFOB, 15127 Main St E, Suite104 PMB 432, Sumner, WA 98390

You can fill this on-line form out to update your band's information after inital entry is received as well!

Bands on the waiting list will be contacted if a payment plan is not received from the other groups prior to October 1!

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Level of Participation * You may compete up a level, but not down a level. Levels are determined by BAND size not including auxiliaries.
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Support Vehicles * Type and Length of Support Vehicles. This information will be used to determine Band Camp space.
Tent Space * Please provide how much space you will need for Band Camp. Specifically associated with festival tents, etc.
Payer Contact Name * This is whom is responsible for entry fee payment.
Payer Contact Information * Please provide an email and/or phone number for the above named individual.
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Sunset Festival Of Bands
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